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Slightly alkaline
1l = 10l application solution

Object hygene Glossy surfaces

High-efficiency cleaning ultra-concentrate for the preparation of cleaning solutions for the cleaning of any glossy and smooth surfaces and for daily cleaning. With “Lemonade” fine lemon scent. Easily removes fingerprints, as well as greasy and oily dirt, and leaves surfaces glossy and without stains. The concentrate is protective of materials and is therefore also suitable for the cleaning of sensitive surfaces. It can prevent fingerprints so that the surface remains clean for a long time. Thanks to its special formula, it leaves a glossy, water-resistant layer on the treated surface, which reduces the production of dirt. The product is environmentally friendly.

The ultra-concentrate is intended for the preparation of an extremely effective consumption-saving cleaning detergent for hygiene in buildings. It is designed for the cleaning of windows, glass, mirrors, tiles, tables, lighting, etc. Before use on furniture, test the solution on a small surface.

Add the detergent to the system bottle using the 20ml dispenser and dilute with water at 1:25 (40ml of the ultra-concentrate for 1L of water solution); spray on the treated surface and clean it thoroughly and evenly. Additional polishing is not necessary. In the case of extremely heavy dirt and grease, you can increase the concentration and dilute the preparation max. 1:10 (100ml of the ultra-concentrate per 1L of water). For daily cleaning of slightly contaminated surfaces, the detergent can also be used in an extremely low concentration of 20–40ml per 10L water.

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