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1l = 200l application solution

Object hygene Floors without stains

Two versions of a high-efficiency cleaning ultra-concentrate with reduced foaming, for the preparation of cleaning solutions for all types of waterproof floors. The version for manual cleaning with “Bouquet of Flowers” scent is intended for cleaning using cleaning mops. The version for machine cleaning is scentless, containing substances that prevent foam formation. Both preparations contain an active substance against foam formation and easily remove even stubborn dirt. They have an excellent application and wetting ability, allowing for impeccable surface cleaning. They penetrate deep into the pores. They also do not create any layers nor leave treated surfaces glossy. The products are environmentally friendly.

The ultra-concentrates are intended for the preparation of extremely effective consumption-saving cleaning solutions for manual or machine cleaning of all types of floors, such as laminate, paved, linoleum, wooden parquet floorings, rubber floors, wood, stone, marble, etc.

Add the detergent to a bucket using the 20 ml dispenser dilute with water at 1:500 (20ml of the concentrate per 10L water) and mix thoroughly. Apply the cleaning solution on the floor using a mop and rinse as usual or use machine cleaning. If used for porous surfaces or extremely heavy dirt, you can increase the concentration and dilute the preparation at 1:250 – 1:100 (40–100ml concentrate per 10L water).

For perfect results by manual cleaning, it is recommended to use a two-bucket cleaning system (one bucket with diluted cleaning detergent and another one with clean water for rinsing the dirty mop). Ensure regular exchange of dirty mops and their thorough washing.

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Handy accessories to help prepare your application cleaning solutions from CleanFit concentrates.

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