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Our Products or Story of Cleanfit

About us Our story.
Made in Slovakia.

We first began as a cleaning service company. From the very beginnings of our business, we faced the problem of huge amounts of plastic waste produced after using cleaning detergent products.

We therefore decided to launch the development of our own cleaning agents that would radically change our non-effective and non-ecological way of their use. After several years of research and testing in collaboration with Slovak experts in the field of chemistry, we developed special products designed primarily for professionals. We found an economical and environmentally friendly solution in the form of high-concentrated preparations for various areas of use.

CleanFit cleaning ultra-concentrates are not only environmentally friendly, but also health friendly. All our products are free from NTA (risk of cancer), EDTA (risk of cell and DNA damage) and isothiazolinones (risk of cell damage and allergies). We replaced these hazardous substances with exclusively ecological alternatives. They are hypoallergenic, non-corrosive and, thanks to their special composition with maximum concentrations of active cleaning substances, they are effective in minute quantities. While maintaining high efficiency, they allow up to 25-times dilution with water thanks to accurate dosing into either your own or our system bottles using a dispenser that forms part of our supply.

Our philosophy Saving nature.
And saving money as well.

Since the 1950s, humanity has produced around 6.3 million tonnes of plastic waste, of which only 90% has been recycled while 12% is burnt in incineration plants. The remaining waste either ends up in landfills or worse: in rivers and oceans. Micro-particles of plastic waste can be found not only in the bodies of aquatic animals, but as well as in our own. According to the newest findings, they are also present in the air we breathe.

With respect to us and future generations especially, it is necessary to minimise the amount of plastic used. This is why our company has decided to contribute to an area that we understand best – cleaning detergent products. Allow us to demonstrate to you how we can save nature and your financial costs together.

Zuzana Faltičková-Švehlíková
The combination of functional concentrated power, professional quality, reasonable prices, and the minimum use of plastic materials have always been our main objectives.
Bc. Zuzana Faltičková-Švehlíková
Product Manager

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