Handy accessories Dispenser for canister

Dispenser for 10L canister with exact 20ml dosage. Firmly tightened to the canister neck, it dispenses the required amount of the ultra-concentrate into a system bottle. Just add clean water to the bottle containing the concentrate.

Handy accessories Dispenser tap for canister

The dispenser tap for 10l canister with easy manipulation serves for easy and fast pouring of the CleanFit ultra-concentrate into a system bottle, which assists in the handling or addition of the concentrate to water in a bucket during floor cleaning.

Handy accessories System bottles for application solutions with a label

The transparent 1L system bottle from resistant environment-friendly plastic is the basic component of the dispensing system. It is intended for the preparation of solutions from CleanFit ultra-concentrates and for direct use. The bottles are supplied with labels identifying the application solutions.

Handy accessories Spray gun for bottle

Spray gun with the possibility of spray/foam switching for use of the diluted cleaning application solution for the treatment of surfaces by spraying or foaming. The gun is made of resistant plastic material with increased durability.

Handy accessories Dispenser for bottle

Dispenser for 1l bottle with precise 2ml dose. After tightening firmly on the neck of the bottle, use to dispense required amount of solution into the hands.

Handy accessories Dosing cup for bottle

Handy dosing tool with a thread for a 1L system bottle. By pressing the bottle, the ultra-concentrate is transferred to the dosing cup with a line mark in which you can adjust the required quantity of the CleanFit cleaning concentrate. The maximum volume is 50ml.